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> taking only this view into account, there seems
> to be 
> nothing special about why arjuna was chosen.
> SrI
> KR^ishNa used him as a tool to convey AtmavidyA
> to the
> world. 

[Please excuse the loose translation of the
following quotes. I'm using a .pdf file for ease
of searching and copying.]

"O Arjuna, there is nothing in the three worlds
(earth, heaven, and the upper regions) that
should be done by Me, nor there is anything
unobtained that I should obtain, yet I engage in

"Because, if I do not engage in action
relentlessly, O Arjuna, people would follow My
path in every way." (BG 3.22-3)

The implication is that one should not summarily
ascribe arbitrariness in interpreting Sri
Krishna's every action and selection. His every
thought, word, and deed is for the sake of
teaching, either directly or by example. 

After revealing His cosmic form to Arjuna, Sri
Krishna says:

"The Supreme Lord said: O Arjuna, being pleased
with you I have shown you, through My own yogic
powers, this supreme, shining, universal,
infinite, and primal form of Mine that has never
been seen before by anyone other than you."

"Neither by study of the Vedas, nor by Yajna, nor
by charity, nor by rituals, nor by severe
austerities, can I be seen in the cosmic
form in this human world by anyone other than
you, O Arjuna." (BG 11.47-8)

This suggests that we are to learn from Arjuna,
for he has been chosen because of his spiritual
merit and specific approach to the Lord.

Indeed Arjuna is a tool, but a very specific tool
with specific characteristics for us to emulate.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


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