[Advaita-l] Why Arjuna?

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praNAm all,

Obviously, below is *total* guesswork!

Perhaps, Arjuna was the most ideal among even the pAnDavAs for the guidance
of dharma, since others may have been at one extreme or the other. If Nakula
and Sahadeva are considered low key (that is, working in the background and
following the elder brothers' orders, Yudhisthira walked dharma to the core,
while Bhima had peculiar qualites of strength/anger. Similarly, Vyasa
himself is talked of as an avatAr by many, while Bhishma was a brahmachaari
and had knowledge of many a things, including Krishna avatAr. (As an aside,
I'm reminded of Ramakrishna's narration of Bhisma's shedding tears while on
the bed of arrows & telling Krishna the reason for the tears to be that
Krishna's leelA is very difficult to understand; pANDavAs have to go through
so much trouble even with God himself on their side!)

Arjuna had a mix of these qualities and was stuck in the mAyA the way
ordinary mortals are. He is one with whom most of our emotions could be
related to, including modern-day-confusion.

dharmo rakShati rakShatah,

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Heres a question I would like to know listmembers thoughts about.  Don't
worry if you can't quote shastras about it, I'm more interested in your
own feelings.

The era of the Mahabharata contained great sages like Vyasa, great
warriors like Bhishma, wise statesmen like Vidura, and bhaktas of the
calibre of Narada.  Yet the truths of the Gita were revealed by Krishna
Bhagavan to Arjuna.  Why him of all people?

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