[Advaita-l] Re: Universe finite or infinite?

Raghavendra N Kalyan kalyan7429 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 21 11:36:22 CDT 2005

>Badisa: You haven’t yet quoted any sruti references to prove that a part of infinity is infinity. >All of your is mere speculation.
We dont need Sruti references for proving this point. The point has already proved using logical considerations. That we need Sruti references even for this, is your opinon only, which I respect. Why are you not asking for Sruti references to prove that 2+2 = 4? Even assuming that we really need Sruti references, I dont find that you have quoted even one to prove or disprove the point.
>Previously, it was mentioned by one of the respected members that sri Ramanuja’s >teachings would not carry much authority. But now you are asking to look what sri >Ramanujam had said in his commentary on Purusha suktam. How come sri Ramanujam’s >interpretation on Purusha suktam be acceptable so suddenly now to our respected >members? I have already dropped out sri Ramanujam’s issue in my postings. Since it was >raised again now, I would like to see what sri Ramanujam says in this regard. I have cut and >pasted some of the important points in connection to our current discussion as shown in the >web link provided by you

It would be really worth while if you read the posts more carefully. I did not claim that rAmAnuja (not rAmAnujam) had an interpretation of purusha sUkta that we need to accept. I dont even know, for that matter, if he had commented on the purusha sUkta. All I asked you was to look at the interpretation in a srI vaishNava website, which incidentally, does not differ much from what I think of as the meaning of the relevant verses of the purusha sUkta. The point is that creation is a quarter of the purusha according to RV etc., no matter what you say.
>Badisa: Towards the end of 10/42 sloka, the finite nature of universe is indicated with one of >the references from Rig Ved, which was quoted earlier in my answers. 
Please dont brush the issue under the carpet. Do me a favour and answer a direct question. Where, in gIta 10.42, does Sankara explicitly mention that the universe is finite. I dont need your interpretations, even if I may respect them. Please quote Sankara directly.
>Badisa: The views from Purans are accepted only if they are also accepted by sruti. Other >wise not. In other words, if Puranas say the same thing as what sruti says, then the puranic >views are also well accepted. Otherwise puranic views are only respected. This is generally >understood and followed in Vedanta tradition, and is also followed in this list.
Between "interpretations" of Sruti given by you and those given by an authentic purANa, there is no choice. Your imaginative interpretations dont render a purANa as anti-Sruti.
>Now, can you tell me what the above points confirm and conclude? Don’t they show the finite >nature of universe?  Can anybody go against sruti declarations or Lord Krishna’s teachings?

The only person who seems to be going against them is you. As for Lord Krishna's teachings, I dont remember him mentioning anywhere that the created universe is finite. However, since you dont accept even sound logic, I doubt if you would accept this.

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