[Advaita-l] Re: Universe finite or infinite?

ramesh badisa badisa66 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 20 08:15:20 CDT 2005

“This *cannot* be applied to the case of that which *non-material*, simply because the terms finiteness and infiniteness are defined only in the domain of *matter* i.e. with reference to material objects”

“in this case, saying that AtmA is infinite (anantam) only means that the AtmA cannot be grasped/understood/known by the mind”

Badisa: Atma and paramatma cannot be known by the mind. As mind is prakruti, as per Gita 7/4 and 13/7, it cannot understand the infinite nature of atma or paramatma. Now, the question is that can the created universe be understood by the mind? Since the mind is prakruti, it can understand other prakrutic things. Right? One cannot grasp the atma or paramatma, and thus said to be infinite. Accordingly, understanding of created universe with mind would conclude its finite nature. Understanding of created universe is possible. For example in Gita 8/15, Lord Krishna says that the created universe is the place for miseries, and is transcient. Similarly, Lord Krishna says that all worlds, including the worlds of gods, are associated with satva, rajo and tamo gunas (18/40). Thus, from scriptures, one can understand the nature of the created universe with mind. If atma or paramatma is concluded to be infinite because mind cannot understand or grasp, then, as per the same rule, understanding
 of created universe with the same mind proves the finite nature of the created universe. 
The views from respected members that a part of infinity is infinity is drawn purely based on materialistic logic, science or maths. This won’t conclude that the created universe to be infinite, as it has no support from sruti texts. The conclusion drawn above is a clear-cut proof at least for me that the created universe is very big but it is finite. 

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