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Wed Sep 29 05:33:00 CDT 2004

Dear Bhaskar-ji,

praNAm prabhuji

Kindly pardon me for my belated reply.

Kalyan prabhuji:

Sure we can close it here. But led me add a few points. That the issue of
Ishwara is still in the realms of vyavahAra does not reduce the importance
of having a correct understanding of what Ishwara means to us. (Secondly, I
dont see how  Ishwara can be omnipotent. Well, after all 2+2 = 4 is
something which no one can change.)

bhaskar :

yes, in bhakti siddhAnta, bhakta believes that  this *2+2=4 jnAna* will be
given my sarva jnAna dAta bhagavan.  tEna vina truNamapi na chalati is
their firm conviction prabhuji.

Kalyan prabhuji:

Definitely not. But it certainly shows that they dont affect him. I have
been quite clear that facts are not to be denied. What is required is a
correct interpretation of them. Dont you agree?

bhaskar :

I agree prabhuji, but our interpretation/understanding should be based on
the *source material* available in the scriptures is it not?? bhAgavatam is
very clear in krishna janma & his mruthyu/mahA samAdhi/mahA prasthAna.  As
we know, arjuna performed the last rituals on krishna's pArthiv sharIra.

Kalyan prabhuji:

Sorry to disagree. He who knows that Krishna is not affected by the time
and place of his birth would not bother about it. May be, it would only
amuse him as to why Krishna has chosen a prison of all places.

bhaskar :

As said earlier, it is not krishna's physical form which is not affected by
the time & place, it is indeed affected by time & place...dehinOsmin yathA
dEhe kaumAram, youvanam jara...krishna's body has indeed undergone all
these stages, what is beyond notion of time & space is krishnatva which is
yEkaH & kEvalO nirguNaH & our own paramArtha svarUpa...is it not prabhuji??

kalyan prabhuji:

Just some quetions for you to think about. No need to answer. Do you really
think "that method of leaving the body" was the case with all avatAra-s?
Was his leaving the body a matter of destiny or choice?

bhaskar :

prabhuji, what I am trying to say here is,  whether krishna's birth &
leaving his body is his will or destiny, it hardly matters. For that
matter, we know krishna himself says in gIta that he is aware of his
previous janma-s.  But the point to be noted here is krishna lived in his
*physical form* for a limited time span. No need to mention that it is
clearly indicated in bhagavatam that arjuna performed the last rituals on
krishna's socalled empirical body.  And only after the krishna's
mahaprasthAna, yudhistira performed pattAbhishEkaM to parikshit mahArAj and
left for  vAnaprastAshram.

 Kindly pardon me for dragging this issue...just my few thoughts.

 Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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