[Advaita-l] Re: Lord Krishna lived for 125 years

Raghavendra N Kalyan kalyan7429 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 16 17:52:04 CDT 2004

Dear Bhaskar-ji,
There is nothing for me to "correct" in your points. We are all here to learn/exchange views and we will keep it that way.

>But prabhuji, according to shankara siddhAnta Ishwara & his >omnipotence 
>omniscient qualities are avidyAkruta & holds water only in vyavahAra is >it not??  Considering this krishna's appearance/birth & 
>disappearance/death also in vyavahAra only...can we close this issue >by saying this prabhuji??
Sure we can close it here. But led me add a few points. That the issue of Ishwara is still in the realms of vyavahAra does not reduce the importance of having a correct understanding of what Ishwara means to us. (Secondly, I dont see how  Ishwara can be omnipotent. Well, after all 2+2 = 4 is something which no one can change.)

>our Hare krishna devotees here in Bangalore ISKCON temple & other 
>bhaktha-s in other temples have involved in high handed celebrations.

No comments here. But I thought you meant "we advaitins" by "us".

>yes prabhuji I agree with you, but his *control* over his destiny does 
>not deny the fact that of his birth at prison & hunter's  shooting arrow 
>aimed at his foot.
Definitely not. But it certainly shows that they dont affect him. I have been quite clear that facts are not to be denied. What is required is a correct interpretation of them. Dont you agree?
>But in vyavahAra we are celebrating birth days & death anniversaries for >the remembrance of our beloved ones.  Like that, we can celebrate >these auspicious events in the case of divine incarnations also by >calling it janana & mahA prasthAna.Here birth & death hardly matters, >point is we are creating more & more special opportunities to do >bhagavannAma saNkIrtana & upAsana. Anything wrong in this attitude >prabhuji??
Because of the sense in which you take to mean "celebration" there is nothing wrong here. (I also appreciate you calling it mahA prasthAna rather than mRtyu, which is used in a conventional sense. That was the whole point. Wasn't it?)

>but, I am afraid, no devotee wants to see his beloved lord's birth in a
>prison that too dark, rainy night, is it not prabhuji.  As a krishna 
>bhakta I would have opted something better than that :-))
Sorry to disagree. He who knows that Krishna is not affected by the time and place of his birth would not bother about it. May be, it would only amuse him as to why Krishna has chosen a prison of all places.

>because he wants to adhere to prakruti dharma, he wants to cast off >his physical sheath which has taken form in the prison & grown up in 
>gOkula. Just he followed the natural laws to give up his physical form 
Just some quetions for you to think about. No need to answer. Do you really think "that method of leaving the body" was the case with all avatAra-s? Was his leaving the body a matter of destiny or choice? 

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