[Advaita-l] Queries to learn and transform

RSGirish at aol.com RSGirish at aol.com
Sun Sep 26 13:21:55 CDT 2004

As its said in Advaita, there are 2 levels - vyavahara and  paramartha.
I have a few question on transition of a normal human being.
Are all human beings born and are at vyavahara, or is it that a normal  human 
being by means of his understanding or perception of good/bad or trying to  
understand the world get into this Level.
What qualities both in thoughts and behaviour would be changed to get into  
this level?
Once in this level. what behaviour or transition should a human being  now go 
through to get to the next level? How should and will he/she make this  
When some one claims he has realised the Brahman, how what are his  
As god is described as Nirguna, if I need to realise the truth I need to  
know what we should become.
What I am trying to find here is that, its easier to learn when you know  
what you are trying to learn and become. Might be wrong, but probably this my  
way of learning.
Thank you for your time.
Kind Regards,

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