[Advaita-l] namo namah: and some questions

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Wed Sep 1 02:15:30 CDT 2004

namo namah:

> ---The above is one very good reason for advocating
> ---satsanga and the need for a Guru. 

 satsangs I find are more into devotional singing than 
intellctual discussions/discourses on real issues; turns out 
to be too much of an emotional thing, and am not able to vibe 
with it.

 Guru - too much skepticism and world seems full of quasi 
knowldegeable people pretending to be Guru's - I think the 
Guru needs to be a personal guide on the journey, and I am 
unable to find one that I trust fully to be able to follow 
him/her to the letter. Also involves too much committement 
that I am unable to make at this time.



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