[Advaita-l] clarification on terminology

Sanskrit Beginner sanskrit_beginner at unlimitedmail.org
Wed Sep 1 01:54:24 CDT 2004

namo namah

 I would like to understand the differences between the terms 
used frequently in discussion on advaita vedanta. Request 
members' help, with establishing a context to understand it in 
as well.

What is maya? 
What is mithya? How is it different from maya? 
What is avidya? How is it different from maya and mithya?
What is satya? how is it different from asatya and mithya?
Is there a difference between jiva and atma? What is the 
difference between jiva and paramatma?
What is a pramana? Is there a difference between pramana and 
Is vidya merely knowledge of satya and knowledge of 
differentiating it from everything else?

Are these merely sanskrit terms to be understood, or are there 
historical/philosophical connotations behind these that one 
should be aware of as well?

I know these would be highly emperical questions, but I 
thought its better to be a fool for a day than be one forever! 
More to come as I encounter basic confusions.


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