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Wed May 12 03:58:20 CDT 2004

praNAm Sri Ramesh prabhuji
Hare Krishna

RB prabhuji:

A jeevan mukta is technically said to have achieved salvation while
living with a physical body, as he experienced his true nature. This is not
called salvation in absolute sense. But it also does not mean that
is achieved little by little.

bhaskar :

I've some problem in accepting this prabhuji.  sadEha/jIvan/sadyO mukti is
the highlight of shruti pratipAdya shankara's advaita siddhAnta prabhuji.
Shankara in all through his bhAshya-s categorically says that advaita
paramArtha jnAna is to be realised in this very life & absolute salvation
is  not an after *death* state.  Even if you take shruti it is also
emphasising how the socalled *body* is immaterial to the brahma jnAni.
Kindly refer br.up. tadyathAhinirlvayanI valmikE mrutA pratyasthA
shayItaivaM Evedagam sharIram SEtEthAyAm *asharIrOmrutaH prANo brahmaiva
tEja Eva!!  Further, it is more clear when shankara writes commentary on
this upanishad, yasmAt na hi tasyAbrahmatva paricchEda hEtavaH kAmAh santi
tasmAt *ehaiva brahmaiva san brahmApyEti na sharIrapAtOttarakAlam*.  It is
evident that brahmajnAni after the dawn of ultimate knowledge will not come
under the influence of upAdhi-s, he realises that HE was/is/will be
brahman forever in entireity.   So, for a jnAni who has upAdhi rahita jnAna
hardly identifies himself with dEhAtma bhuddhi.  brahmavit brahmaiva
bhavati so says shruti, His jnAna / realisation of his true nature  is not
kAlAntara or janmAntara state.  This is what shankara further  says in
sUtra bhAshya *samyagdarshana kAlamEva tatphalaM sarvAtmatvam darshayati*.

Kindly correct me if I am wrong prabhuji.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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