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Thu Mar 25 10:21:08 CST 2004

On Thu, 25 Mar 2004, Kiran B R wrote:

> Then (I repeat, "then") the vedas are just dusty
> texts!

No just because all that is not Brahman is maya doesn't mean all those
mayavi things are equal.  Vedas have a privileged place because they are
the means by which the sorrow of samsara can be transcended.  A jalebi

One may ask why is it that the Vedas can provide knowledge to transcend
samsara and not a jalebi?  It is a matter of definition.  Veda is (amongst
other things) that which gives knowledge to transcend samsara.  A jalebi
is a fried sweet.  One may as well ask why is 7?

> The jnAni can ask "Shall I swallow an ant today or
> not?" as a rAga-dvEsha-vimukta.
> > > Right.  But statistically there is a greater
> > > chance of not eating a jalebi than eating one is
> > > there not?
> So?

The jnani can ask this or a one of a billion other questions. He can enjoy
this or one of a billion other things.  So why are we focusing on this one
jalebi issue? To think about it in these particular terms is a limited
persons choice.  To an unlimited person unbound, infinite person it
wouldn't occur to think in these terms.

> I have been saying why:
> sO&kAmayata | bahu syAm prajAyEyEti | sa tapO&tapyata
> | sa tapastaptvA | idaM sarvamasRujata | tat sRuShTvA
> | tadEvAnuprAvishat |...

Ok but that applies to Brahman as a whole not this or that part of
Brahman.  By projecting forth, Brahman accepted limits and that limited
Brahman has to be analyzed in terms of the logic of limits.

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