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Kiran B R kiranbr at rocketmail.com
Thu Mar 25 03:12:04 CST 2004

> I had confused you with another list member who is a
> dvaitin.  But I am rather surprised that someone who

> follows Shankaracharya could formulate a question 
> the way you did.

If as brahman we can fool around like this, little
wonder that followers of the AchArya can formulate
questions like me!

> well I suppose any question genuinely asked 
> is "good" in some way but it is based on invalid 
> premises

Invalid premises such as?

> Because a jalebi is just a fried sweet.

Then (I repeat, "then") the vedas are just dusty

> If he is "purna" then what is there to return to?

Nothing but the "pUrNa"!!!

> Ok perhaps my example wasn't clear enough.  What I 
> meant was there are things that one does when young 
> that are totally dismissed out of hand when one is 
> mature.  You or I don't have to ask ourselves "Shall

> I swallow an ant today or not?"  It just never even 
> occurs to us.  Again, the bliss that is Brahman is 
> so many scales higher than anything the mundane 
> person knows that it drowns out any lesser kind of 
> bliss.

The jnAni can ask "Shall I swallow an ant today or
not?" as a rAga-dvEsha-vimukta.

> > Right.  But statistically there is a greater 
> > chance of not eating a jalebi than eating one is 
> > there not?


> I never talked about any jivas. It is the brahman
> desires to eat jalebis.
> > Why when Brahman *is* the jalebi?

I have been saying why:

sO&kAmayata | bahu syAm prajAyEyEti | sa tapO&tapyata
| sa tapastaptvA | idaM sarvamasRujata | tat sRuShTvA
| tadEvAnuprAvishat |...


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