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Dear Members:

There is a new mailing list to discuss the nuances of shrouta and smaarta
karma-s, and related topics in detail. This list was started by shrii B. G.
Ganesh Prasad. I am attaching a sample message from the list to give you a
taste what will be discussed. Sri Ganesh Prasad is a great scholar and knows
the intricacies of many practical aspects in shrouta and smaarta karmaa-s.
He is also a shriividyopaasaka and an exponent in tantra shaastra.

To join and learn more, please go to:

I sincerely hope that list will grow and suucceed. All along, we (in
advaita-l) wanted a list to discuss practical aspects of smArta sampradAya
in detail. I was quite delighted when Ganeshji started this list. Please
consider joining this list.

Thank you.

With best regards,


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Subject: Re: Praayaschitta gaNa homam


A bit of a teething problem should be fine by month
end. Thanks to all those who joined the list, I hope
that we can all benefit from each other's learning.

Now with regard to Gana Homa. Many people confuse Gana
Homa with Ganapathi Homa which is totally different.

Gana Homa is mentioned by Bodhayana Dharma Sutra,
Saptama khanda.

Gana homa has been prescribed for sarva papa kshaya
and for shudhhi as Sri. Ramakrishnan rightly pointed

Ghrutoudanena taa juhvatsaptaaham savanatrayam
mounavrati havishyaashi nigruhitendriya kriyaha

Gana homa refers to a  set of eight homas to be done
over seven days typically following akshara lavana
ahara or following a diet of saltless and spiceless
food. The performer has to observe mouna and bathe  3
times a day and do homa with charu 3 times a day for
seven days (The mantras are spread across).

The eight homas are:

Kshapavitram sahasraksho Mrugarohamruchau ganau
paavamaanyascha kushmando  vaishvanarya ruchascha yaa

1. Kshapavitra Sukta beginning with 'Kshaam
vishvebihi' found in Taittareya Brahmana 2.8.2.

2. Purusha sookta.

3. Agnermanve prathamasya prachetaso..yatha ha tad
vasavo anuvakas totalling to 22 from Taittareya
Samhita 4.7.15.

4 and 5. Amhomucha ganas i.e.; Yaa vaamindra varuna to
Yo vaamindra varuna vanaspatishu total of 12 mantras
from Taittareya Samhita 2.11

6. Pavamana Sukta from Rig Veda,

7. Kushmanda Sukta from Yajur veda,

8.  Vaishvani rucha or mantras  totalling 8 from
Taittreya Samhita 1.5.11

After performing the homa every day after each savana
one is required to see a pot of water saying the
mantra "Simhe me  manyuhu..". Some say that this is to
be done at a place where 4 roads meet and after the
mantra is said one is required to wash one's feet and
legs with the same water and return home.

After the Gana homa is completed, one needs to feed
brahmanasa and give danas.

Becasue of the efficacy of the mantras Bodhayana says
that whoever performs this for any person other than
guru and parents incurs sins.

If the entire Gana Homa cannot be performed by any
person, then performing homa of any part of the 8
homas is considered to confer merits.

All the above mentioned homas are used extensively in
shrouta karmas for shuddhi. Pavama sukta is used as a
part of soma yaga.

If one performs any of these to whatever extent
possible, it tantamounts to karmakshaya. Any
corrections are welcome.


--- ramki61 <ramki61 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> The performance of Gana Homam has been described in
> the Bodhayana
> Gruhya Sutra, Abasthamba Sutra etc.,The Gana Homam
> can be performed
> by  persons who intents to do some Adana Karma or
> Kamya Karma or
> wants to get rid of Papas done by him. As Athreya
> has mentioned 'Yes'
> it can be done prior to performing of Homams such as
> Sudarshana
> Homam, Mahaganapati, Navagraha homam etc., which
> will defently yield
> better results.This can be done in one day or 3 days
> or 7 days etc.,
> The Ahuti is to be given with Ajya Mishrita Annam.
> After performing
> the same the Brahmanas should be fed with Payasam.
> Since there are
> several Devatas in it to whom the  Havirbhagas are
> given the
> Puronuvakya for this homam will be Gayatri Mantra
> and the
> Udeshathyagam for this will be Devaya Savitre Edam
> Namama. The Ahutis
> are given to Agni, Purushaya Narayana, Agnaye
> Agumhomuche,
> Mitravaruna etc.,Further addition well come.
> ramakrishnan

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