[Advaita-l] New query

N.Seshan seshan at aviontec.com
Sun Mar 21 23:21:40 CST 2004

Hello All,
May i state in the beginning itself , that this question could be out
of context...  But if someone can help , kindly do... 
        I was in Kanchi y'day on Ugdhi day, and also the beginnnig of the
Vasantha Navarathri... I was present for a Navavarana puja which is
conducted only on navaratrhi and pournami days, let me explain. I was
there only for the period, that the sanctum was open, since it was
closed completely for around an hour or so, when this was conducted.    
The ambience was beautiful, post the puja and it was a surprise that 
ladies who were present could sing the difficult dikshitar navavarana 
(kamalamba) krithis with such ease! I deem myself lucky, but can anyone 
explain the significance of this rite, and also why it is done with closed 


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