[Advaita-l] WAKE UP HINDUS !!!

latha vidya lathavidya at yahoo.co.in
Thu Mar 11 01:47:46 CST 2004

Hari Om,
Our Sanatana Dharma is an Eternal Dharma. A few conversions here and there by some ignorant people (the converters and the convertees) can in no way make any dent in its fabric. Dont you worry. Hindu Dharma is strong enough to protect itself from all sorts of assault. How long can a cloud cover up the sun?! Do candles need to wage a war against the clouds to protect the Sun?! 
Latha Vidyaranya

tainakristina at jippii.fi wrote:

Dear list members,

Thank you very much to Sanjay Verma I have found much free books and 
articles about puranas, vedict texts etc.

I also found this webpage and I want to put link to this page so you can 
see what is going on:

Please HIndus wake up to take care of your culture, religion and traditions!!!

http://www.stephen-knapp.com/articles_to_read.htm, look forexample this 
article, there have several others

The War Against Hinduism 
is a pointed and important article written after my trip to India in 
June/July, 2001. It describes the situation that is happening regarding 
the efforts of minority religions in India to convert Hindus by 
demeaning the Vedic culture. It shows how Hinduism is losing ground in 
certain areas of India, and how Hindus in general must become more 
serious and work together for preserving their ancient heritage and the 
freedoms they have to practice Vedic traditions, or face the 


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