[Advaita-l] Books on pANini's ashThadhyayi

Raghavendra Hebbalalu hs_raghavendra at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 10 15:55:56 CST 2004

> Gita Press of Gorakhapur (the publishers of the
> popular cheap Gita and
> Ramayana editions) also have an edition of the l.s.k
> with many examples
> and explanatory notes.  The problem is they are also
> in Sanskrit which
> poses quite a chicken and egg problem for the
> beginner!

sarvebhyo namaH,

On a related note, there is a teleconference class on
the LSK happening every other week. It has been
organized by Samskrita Bharati
(www.samskrita-bharati.org) and taught from India by
Prof. Mahabaleshwara Bhatta, an expert in Vedanta and
Samskrit Grammar and author of several illuminating
books on vyAkaraNa-prakaraNAni like sandhi, samAsa,
kArakam etc., He just finished the first sutra (in the
LSK order) in the last class. 

He is using the same gItA press text book mentioned

This class, however, is taught completely in Samskrit
(no translations whatsoever!). Those attending this
class need to be able to speak and understand spoken
Samskritam and have a basic knowledge of vyAkaraNa.

Anybody interested can contact me or
samskritabharati at yahoo.com. 

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