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On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, Srikrishna Ghadiyaram wrote:

> hariH Om !!
> I find these following books at MLBD.com
> 1. Ashtadhyayi of Panini, 2 Vols, 1681 pages, by S. C.
> Vasu Rs. 1350
> 2. Ashtadhyayi, 5 Vols, by Rama Natha Sharma Rs. 4680

The original order of the sutras as Panini himself wrote them is not in
much use anymore.  The learned pandits use the rearrangement by the 15th
century scholar Bhattoji Dikshita called Vaiyakarana Siddhanta Kaumudi.
This has been printed many times.

> 3. Laghukaumudi of Varadaraja by J. R. Ballantyne HB > Rs. 445.50

The Siddhantakaumudi like the ashtadhyayi is comprehensive covering even
the rarest Vedic and Sanskrit words.  For practical use, Varadaraja Bhatta
made a series of abridgements called Madhyama, Laghu, and Sara
Siddhantakaumudi.  The Laghu siddhantakaumudi is the most popular of the
three and is also constantly in print.  Col. Ballantyne was a 19th century
British Army officer and amateur indologist who translated it into
English.  Although the Victorian English is hard to follow sometimes, it's
not bad and he also cross-references the various sutras applicable to a
topic which is very useful.  On a personal note, it was reading this book
in Columbia Universitys' Butler Library, which first convinced me of the
splendor of our civilization.

> Would some members comment on these books, and give
> suggestions on any other books.

Gita Press of Gorakhapur (the publishers of the popular cheap Gita and
Ramayana editions) also have an edition of the l.s.k with many examples
and explanatory notes.  The problem is they are also in Sanskrit which
poses quite a chicken and egg problem for the beginner!

Although anyone with a mathematical or logical frame of mind will find
Vyakarana fascinating, it really helps to study with someone who knows the
subject rather than just books.

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