[Advaita-l] The liberated souls and Brahmaloka

Ramesh Badisa badisa55 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 8 12:16:20 CST 2004

Dear members,
Namaste. I have still some doubts about the liberated souls at Brahma Lok. I 
am sorry for this. The Brahma Sutra IV.3.10 talks about dissolution of 
Brahma Lok (thus all other lokas also) and attainment of liberated souls and 
Lord Brahma to higher region. As per this sutra, the liberated souls achieve 
the absolute salvation. If it is so, then why the remaining BrahmaSutras 
talk about the fulfilling of desires by mere will, having all powers except 
creation and dissolution of universe, or to exist with or without a body 
etc. Once these liberated souls got the absolute salvation, then where is 
the question of limited powers etc to these souls? or how other sutras after 
IV. 3.10 are applied to them. One may say here that these sutras are applied 
to the liberated souls before they got the absolute salvation. If it is so, 
then these sutras should have been present before the IV. 3.10 sutra to make 
good meaning and sequence order. Instead, those sutras are present IV.3.10 
sutra, implying that they are applied later. In otherwords, IV.3.10 sutra 
should have been the last but one sutra in this chapter.

I will be grateful to your answers.

Ramesh Babu B

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>On Wed, 3 Mar 2004, Ramesh Badisa wrote:
> > The liberated souls at Brahma Lok will get all lordly powers, except the
> > power to create and to dissolution of universe, (Brahma Sutra, IV.4.17). 
> > have doubt here. Is this situation, where the liberated souls are 
> > from divine and have all lordly powers, last till the time of pralaya 
> > If yes, then it makes sense that after merging in divine the liberated 
> > becomes divine itself with unlimited powers.
>Yes but for a different reason.  After the merging with the divine, the
>liberated soul does not exist as a seperate entity so there is no question
>of powers lordly or otherwise.
>Actually "merging" is really the wrong word.  The atma was never really
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