[Advaita-l] Re: purusha sUktam & nArAyaNa sUktam

rohit ubhayaker rohit8ganesh at yahoo.co.in
Fri Mar 5 00:53:06 CST 2004

savithri devaraj <savithri_devaraj at yahoo.com> wrote:
Namaste Sri profvk,

> The word 'hrIH' means 'Modesty'. 'shrIH' means
> Wealth and Prosperity. The line 'hrIshca te
> lakshmIshca patnyau' says that 'Your Consorts are
> Modesty and Prosperity.
> The word 'hrIH' is a very significant word in
> Vedanta. Shankara in his Bhashya on Sanatsujatiya,
> writes for 'hrIh' : "akArya-karaNe lajjA" -- sense
> of shame in doing the wrong thing!

just curious,

Is hrIH related to 'hrIm' - one of the bIjAksharas for
the devi? Do they both mean the same?


Dear  Saadhaka/Saadhikaa ,

The  Devi  Maahaatmya  says " ... Lajjaaroopena  saunsthitha ..."
So  if  "Hrih"  means  lajjaa , then  it  can  mean  the  Devi  as  well . The  Devi Geetaa , which  has  strong  Advaitic  undercurrent , lays  great  stress on  "Hrim" , which  it  calls  as  equal  to  "Aumkaara".

Thus , they  can  mean  the  same  thing .

In  the  final analysis , Sarasvati , Lakshmee , Durgaa , Lalitaa ,etc  are  are  all  One anyway . This  has  shaatraic  confirmation , again  from  the  Devi  Maahaatmya . In  Chapter10 , Shri Bhagavati  saya  to  the  demon king Shumbha " Who  apart  from  Me  exists ?"


With  Love ,

Rohit  N. Ubhayaker.
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