[Advaita-l] The liberated souls and Brahmaloka

Ranjeet Sankar thefinalsearch at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 5 00:50:17 CST 2004

Dear Rohitji,

If you are talking only about the word sAyujya, then it is fine.
The stages which you had mentioned in your mail is certainly not in advaitic tradition.
It is only in some vaishNava schools.

Hari Om
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  From: "rohit ubhayaker" 
  > Of the four muktis mentioned Saalokya , Saaroopya , Saamipya and
  Saayujya , only the fourth indicates Nirguna mukti . The Puraanas
  testify to this .

  Is this advaita??

  It  certainly  is  Advaita . Saayujya  indicates  union . The  assorted  Vaishnava  schools  claim  that  it  indicates  union  as  in  relationships . But , logically  and  taking  the  word  literally  does  imply  Absolute  Non-difference . 
    Again  if  it  did  indicate dualism , what  would  be  the  need  of  the  other  forms  of  liberation ? Also , if  liberation  was  to  have  the  form of  duality , why  would  Saayujya mukti  come  into  the  picture  at  all ?

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