[Advaita-l] The liberated souls and Brahmaloka

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> Of the four muktis mentioned Saalokya , Saaroopya , Saamipya and
Saayujya , only the fourth indicates Nirguna mukti . The Puraanas
testify to this .

Is this advaita??

Hari Om

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Dear  Saadhaka ,

It  certainly  is  Advaita . Saayujya  indicates  union . The  assorted  Vaishnava  schools  claim  that  it  indicates  union  as  in  relationships . But , logically  and  taking  the  word  literally  does  imply  Absolute  Non-difference . 

Again  if  it  did  indicate dualism , what  would  be  the  need  of  the  other  forms  of  liberation ? Also , if  liberation  was  to  have  the  form of  duality , why  would  Saayujya mukti  come  into  the  picture  at  all ?

With  Love,

Rohit N Ubhayaker.

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