[Advaita-l] Purushasukta - a translation

Aravind Mohanram psuaravind at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 4 16:23:00 CST 2004

Thanks for the tranlation. May I know the source? 
I had a question on verse 5, it is a bit confusing - from Purusha, Viraja was born and from Viraja, Purusha was born. When I looked at the sanskrit, the viraja (actually virat as it appears in the sanskrit verse that I have) seems to refer to the universe. If that is the case, the meaning changes. Any comments?

"Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at braincells.com> wrote:

1. A thousand heads has the Purusha, a thousand eyes, a thousand feet.
He covers this whole earth and ten fingers beyond.

2. The Purush is all this, all that was and all that will be. He has
grown to immortality through food.

3. This is His greatness and greater still is the Purusha. One quarter of
Him is all beings and three quarters are immortal in Heaven.

4. Three quarters of Him went up and a quarter remains here still. That
[quarter] he spread out in all directions as that which eats and that
which is eaten.

5. From Him was born Viraja and from Viraja was born the Purusha. When
born He spread over the whole earth, before it and after it.

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