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Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rama.balasubramanian at
Fri Jun 25 12:07:00 CDT 2004

Hello Anand,

Sorry, I gave a bad example. I should have mentioned that they chant
all sanskrit that way. For example, in the sahasranaamam, the
sentence would be chanted:

vi"sva.m bhuutabhavya bhava prabuhu | (end of sentence)  

by us.

The namputhiris do not say prabuhu, but prabhu.h - an actual visarga
even at the end of the sentence. This principle carries over to their
vedic chanting also.

The Sringeri chanting style is interesting. I have not seen the .rg
veda chanted without the accents in Tamil Nadu, i.e., with the vowels
elongated some times.

It is interesting to go to the kapalii"svarar temple in Mylapore
during prado"sam. There are people chanting from every veda. There is
whole horde (and I mean horde) of people chanting the yajur, a few .rg
and a handful chanting the saama veda.


On Thu, 24 Jun 2004 07:48:28 +0000, Anand Hudli <anandhudli at> wrote:
> Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian wrote:
> >Another unique thing about the namputhiris is the way they chant the
> >vedas. For example, the suuktam would be chanted
> >(approximately by sound) sahasra"siir.saa puru.s*aha* (note the
> >ending) by other South Indians. The namputhiris employ an actual
> >visarga even at the end of the sentence, so it would be puru.sah, just
> >like in the middle for example adbhyasambhuutah p.rthivyai rasaacca. I
> >was somewhat suprised when I heard it being chanted this way.
> Could it be due to the fact that the R^ig vedic version of the Purushha
> sUkta does not have the "purushhaH" referred to above at the end of of a
> half-verse? Rather, it is in the middle of the first half-verse or
> hemistich.
> I have not had the opportunity of listening to the Nambudiri style of
> chanting. Here in Bangalore, two R^id vedic chanting styles are prevalent -
> the Sringeri style and the GokarNa style. The Sringeri style sounds almost
> like the Krishna Yajurveda style. The GokarNa style, which I believe is also
> used in Tamil Nadu,  sounds more different from the Krishna Yajur Veda.
> Notably, the elongation of certain vowels is peculiar to this style. Our
> family uses the GokarNa style.
> Anand
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