[Advaita-l] Prayer to Devi Usha, the Goddess of the Divine Dawn (from Rig-veda)

Siddhartha Krishna sidha80 at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 15 14:19:46 CDT 2004

vyanjate anteshvaktuun visho n yuktaa ushaso yatante.
sante gaavastama aavartayanti jyotir yacchanti saviteva baahuu..Rig-veda 

The Goddess Usha enlightens the heaven (that is existing in our heart). She 
makes a great combined effort to destroy darkness, like all we humans. (Her 
spreading in all directions to destroy darkness is her combined effort) O 
Dearest Usha, your rays destroy the darkness (of ignorance and its effects, 
viz. ego, attachment, hatred and fear). They give Light to all without any 
discrimination (indeed the most precious thing!) like the arms (rays) of the 
Sun, the supreme abode of Light.

Prayer: Prostrations to Devi Usha, the most radiant one, the Goddess of the 
May she empower us so that the dawn of our true enlightened life may dawn 
upon us!
May the beautiful vermilion rays of first enlightenment enlighten our heart 
and soul, and then our entire life!
May the rays, that announce the coming of the Sun, the supreme abode of 
light, the one that transcends all darkness of ignorance and the one who 
gives life to the entire world, destroy the darkness of ignorance of our 
heart and soul!

Morsel of wisdom: "Pursue Light alone, as Light enlivens and darkness 

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