[Advaita-l] query

shankar shankar at tataelxsi.co.in
Wed Jun 23 23:59:02 CDT 2004


Sadaji, thanks for the clarification.

While going thru the clarifications, few more doubts have arisen.  

An ordinary mortal, initially on the path towards attaining mukthi worships his
"ishta devata" or his kula devatha". He worships this devatha which is in form
of an idol/murthy. He is attached to this murthy and assumes that the murthy
 is paramathma and he only a jivatma. Realisation may dawn later on, but until
such time, he sees the devatha in the murthy, as a separate entity.

This presumptions is generally prevalent amongst most of the devotees until
one understands the self.

Here, is his assumption is due to ignorance ? or as said, thru initial bhakthi
one gets gyan and  later on, he sees no difference. Now, if the later part is right
can we categories him, first as dvaitha follower and at later stage an advaitha?



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