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drganesh at vsnl.com drganesh at vsnl.com
Thu Jun 3 20:41:41 CDT 2004

> >Sri Ravishankar Venkataraman:
> >
> >This comes in the simple stotram on Guru that we teach children. =20
> >
> >chaitanya(H) shAshvata(H) shAntO vyOmAtItO niranjanaH |
> >bindu-nAda-kalAtItaH tasmai shri gurave namaH ||
> >
> >I was reciting this to my daughter.  As I was reciting, it 
> occured to me =
> >that I should understand the meaning.  These days children ask a 
> lot of q=
> >uestions.  If I can't give good explanations and if they find 
> that I am m=
> >echanically repeating, I am afraid that they may not take to it.  
> So, now=
> > I am trying to understand everything I (plan to) teach my 
> children! - th=
> >at's in brief the genesis of the question.
> >
> >Regards,
> >SVS

This particular stotram is commonly chanted as prayer and meditation among many chinmaya and dayananda spiritual classes before discourses etc as part of gurustotram and guru-stotram as such is popular for teaching to children.
Swami paramarthananda's prayer book has this transalation for this sloka--
"My guru is of the nature of eternal,ever-tranquil,pure consciousness. This consciousness transcends space and is beyond bindu,nada,kala [the causal,subtle, and gross forms of the universe].My prostration to that guru."
I hope this is useful.
Dr s.ganesh

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