[Advaita-l] bindu nada kaalatita

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these terms, bindu naada etc could be measurements of time like sec, micro 
sec.. Muthuswamy dikshitar uses something similar in this Anandabhairavi 
kriti " thyaagaraja Yoga Vaibhavam" if I remmeber correctly... See if you 
can check any ancient time realted terminology. It is just a hunch,, or 
ask any decent astrologer friend if you hav, whether these are 
subdivisions of the HOra.. SOrry If I am wrong...


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>Sri Ravisankar:
>Thank you for your explanation.  I will try what you suggested.
>Sri Ravishankar Venkataraman:
>This comes in the simple stotram on Guru that we teach children. =20
>chaitanya(H) shAshvata(H) shAntO vyOmAtItO niranjanaH |
>bindu-nAda-kalAtItaH tasmai shri gurave namaH ||
>I was reciting this to my daughter.  As I was reciting, it occured to me =
>that I should understand the meaning.  These days children ask a lot of q=
>uestions.  If I can't give good explanations and if they find that I am m=
>echanically repeating, I am afraid that they may not take to it.  So, now=
> I am trying to understand everything I (plan to) teach my children! - th=
>at's in brief the genesis of the question.

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