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> Jaldhar writes - 
> "Arjunas' arguments for renunciation were
> self-serving. Therefore sannyasa
> at that point would have been hypocritical. We all
> probably know people
> like that who use "spirituality" as an excuse for
> not facing up to life.
> But the Vedantic path requires fearlessness. The
> sthitaprajna
> (steady minded one) extolled in the Gita faces all
> situations in the same
> calm manner."
> In what way were they self serving? Is he not trying
> to avoid bloodshed? Can you please explain? 

Sorry for getting in the middle. The following are my
2c on the view.

When adharma is happening, it does not befit anyone to
take the garb of inaction and spirituality. That too
for people like Arjuna whose duty is to defend Dharma
and who have the ability to do so. Avoiding bloodshed
is not the best option at all times. If there is a
cancerous growth in the body, it has to be removed for
the person to survive. Similarly, sometimes there will
have to be bloodshed to uphold Dharma.

Arjuna's action was self-serving because he did not
think about the bigger picture of leaving Duryodhana
on the throne. He forgot the responsibility he had
towards his brothers,wife,his people and even his
kShAtra-dharma. Renunciation has to come with True

In another mail, you have indicated that Duryodhana
was ruling Hastinapura well. Could you please provide
the reference for this ? Why would the people of
Hastinapura grieve when the Pandavas were supposedly
burnt in vAraNAvata ? Why would not the people of
Hastinapura rebel after the Pandavas won the war if
Duryodhana was ruling them so well ? 

But this is the secret of Dharma - as they say
dharmasya tattvam nihitam guhAyAm - the secret of
Dharma is shrouded in mystery. It is not easy to know
what dharma is under different circumstances. The same
action may be considered dharma or as adharma under
different circumstances. When a person of the calibre
of Arjuna - remember that Arjuna had pleased even Lord
Shiva when getting the pAshupata - can get deluded as
to what dharma and adharma are, it is not surprising
if we do not see the clear picture.

Please read Swami Chinmayananda's commentary for a
lucid explanation of Arjuna's predicament. Or, if you
know Kannada, please read jIvanadharmayoga by Sri DV
Gundappa. Both of them are illuminating reads. They
address the dharma aspect of the gItA very well. A
clear understanding of the nature of dharma is
imperative as it is the first and most important
puruShArtha. It is the most important because when
Dharma fructifies, it automatically yields the
necessary jnAna leading to mokSha.

> Suppose Arjuna really realized the truth of the
> world as mAyA. Is it possible then that Krishna
> would have permitted him to renounce the battle?

But he had not! If Arjuna had realized the truth, then
why would Krishna teach him the gIta at all ? And even
in that case, Arjuna would have fought by himself.

Best regards,

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