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Raghavendra N Kalyan kalyan7429 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 3 12:50:02 CST 2004

I regret the delay in my response. I have a few more doubts regarding this issue. 
In view of Sri Vaidya Sundaram's reply, let me change "renunciation of action" to "renunciation of duty" which is essentially what a sanyAsi does. 
Jaldhar writes - 
"Arjunas' arguments for renunciation were self-serving. Therefore sannyasa
at that point would have been hypocritical. We all probably know people
like that who use "spirituality" as an excuse for not facing up to life.
But the Vedantic path requires fearlessness. The sthitaprajna
(steady minded one) extolled in the Gita faces all situations in the same
calm manner."

In what way were they self serving? Is he not trying to avoid bloodshed? Can you please explain? 
Suppose Arjuna really realized the truth of the world as mAyA. Is it possible then that Krishna would have permitted him to renounce the battle?

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