[Advaita-l] sanskrit Beginner

shankar shankar at tataelxsi.co.in
Fri Aug 13 01:51:53 CDT 2004

Dear Sanskrit Beginner.

>From your wishes can I assume U hail from

Some points on the Texts are agreeable but to ascertain that it is hypocrisy is misleading.

I my view, for a genuine beginner Atma bodha
is difficult to digest Instead, presuming U are a
from karnataka, read the verses written by Sarwagna, DVG's monkuthimma and others which touches philosophy. Thru this U will be prepared and grounded to understand the essence of Atma bodha and other texts.

If U are not from karnataka, lots of books are
available written by eminent authors touching
philosophy and How to lead a moral life.This will help to realise why the first verse of atma bodha
is addressed like that. It might be difficult to attain and lead a life as said in first verse but it is not tough also.Lots of people are there as an
example, It matters how U look at them.No matter how many others show and write about them,until U realise its tough to understand and
accept that such people ( as said in first verse)do live

If something offensive is written, pls forgive me.   



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