[Advaita-l] Dvaita and Advaita

Manikantan S manikantan_pes at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 8 23:05:29 CDT 2003


I have recently joined this group and i have a
question to ask. i do not know if it is valid to ask
this question, but i felt i want to.

(Please forgive me if anything said here is wrong)

All of us in this group discuss about Advaita, which
according to Acharya is "Tat Tvam Asi". i feel that
"Tat" here refers to (my)Atman.So according to Acharya
, "this Atman" is nothing but "that Brahman" .

But then we also have another school of thought which
is Dvaita , which according to my knowledge, says that
the "Atman" and "Brahman" are  2 different entities.

i also heard  that it was the Acharya(ShankaraCharya),
who gave Diksha to RamanujaCharya, who later came up
with Dvaita.

And i feel both Acharya(ShankaraCharya) and
RamujaCharya were GREAT Scholars but still there is
absoulte contradiction in their Ideas ( thoughts) .

How can we know who is correct? Is it somehow possible
that Both are correct. or is it that ONE and ONLY ONE 
of these two contradicting things can be TRUE.

I really do not know if the question itself is valid.
I certainly do not have the prerequiste knowkledge to
discuss here. 


Manikantan S.

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