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> Without looking into Shankara's commentary, may I venture to suggest
> five reasons why Consciousness has to be different from the body?

Your five reasons are mostly what Shankara himself uses. They were so
terse that I could not follow them clearly at first. 

> Five reasons why Consciousness is different from body:
>    We are conscious of our dream, without the help of the body.
>    We are conscious of our body, so we are different from the body.
>    We are conscious of every change, so we are different from every
> changing system, that is the body.
>    Consciousness has left the body in a coma stage, so Consciousness
> cannot be a quality of the body.
> 5.Without light we cannot see. But that does not mean that the light
> is the seer. So also it appears as if  only with the body we are
> conscious.  It is not so.
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