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 But we have discussed in our list a year ago, that, irrespective of whether the fore-fathers are jivan mukthas or not, one should do shrAddham.  I've heard
that Paramacharyal of Kanchi Mutt in Deivathin Kural (Hindu Dharma) also tells the same.


"Sundaram, Vaidya  Wrote:

> In a jivan mukta's case, there would be no "shraardha" performed in the
>first place right? There would then be no question on  how it is to be
>performed. Their bodies are not burned but buried, because the physical body
>is considered to have been burnt by the fire of knowledge.
>bhava shankara desikame sharaNam
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> Can someone explain the difference between
>the physical structure of tombs/shrines for
>jivan mukthas and other mahAns ? If so, can
>someone kindly explain it elaborately ?  I heard
>that Sri Ramana Maharishi asked people
>to build a unique looking shrine for His Mother,
>a cow called Lakshmi and a muslim man 
>named Masthan.
> Secondly, is there any difference in the shrAddham/
>yearly ceremony procedure for a jivan muktha and 
>others ? I've heard once, that the coconut has to 
>be kept horizontally in the kumbam/kalasam for a jivan 
>muktha's shrAddham.
> Someone kindly explain.

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