[Advaita-l] shrine of a jivan muktha

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 In a jivan mukta's case, there would be no "shraardha" performed in the
first place right? There would then be no question on  how it is to be
performed. Their bodies are not burned but buried, because the physical body
is considered to have been burnt by the fire of knowledge.

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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 Can someone explain the difference between
the physical structure of tombs/shrines for
jivan mukthas and other mahAns ? If so, can
someone kindly explain it elaborately ?  I heard
that Sri Ramana Maharishi asked people
to build a unique looking shrine for His Mother,
a cow called Lakshmi and a muslim man 
named Masthan.

 Secondly, is there any difference in the shrAddham/
yearly ceremony procedure for a jivan muktha and 
others ? I've heard once, that the coconut has to 
be kept horizontally in the kumbam/kalasam for a jivan 
muktha's shrAddham.
 Someone kindly explain.


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