[Advaita-l] Re: e-vedanta course

Ram Chandran rchandran at cox.net
Wed Nov 12 14:06:05 CST 2003

Namaste Sri Ragavendra:

Please understand that this course is offered in the name of an Research and Educational Foundation. Swamiji on his own does not prefer to give any certificate but if the students demand a certificate (which the student consider it to be of high value) the teacher doesn't want to antogonize the student.  We were all students at one time or other and whenever we take it as an educational course, we consider certificate as a proof of our success. 

I wish everyone in the universe is as enlightened like you, willing to pay without looking for anything in return. Unfortunately, there is plenty of igorant people who look for a certificate after paying a fee!  Once again, we try to judge others using an inappropriate scale. All the things that we did it as children are not appropriate when we are adults. Those who pay the fees to get a certificate are ignorant and for intelligent and knowlegeable people like you, it is a laughting matter! One-size doesn't fit all and that may explain why certificate is being offered to those who seek it. Some who worship the Lord, instead of asking his Grace for ever, look for small favors! The Lord does satisfy the needs of His devotees! Ignorant devotees look for the small and the intelligent one doesn't expect any material benefits from Him! 

Swamiji receives thousands of dollars from devotees and most of them don't look for any name recognition.  But some devotees do demand such recogniztion and institutions are practical and forced to become more flexible! Many people who donate money to the temple look for a certificate - printed permanantly on the walls of the temples. Who should be blamed for this? Please take a time and contemplate! There are also people who donate millions without asking and without looking for returns. All I can say is, this is all part of the 'mAyA' of the mAyAvi! 

Finally, even in Padasalas, when students complete the vedic courses, they are provided with titles - Sastrigal, Ganapatigal, Srowthigal, etc., etc., according to their level of learning!  Let us not jump into conclusions without looking into all the facts!


Ram Chandran

> I have nothing to say regarding charging a fee for 
> offering the vedAnta course, but I dont
> understand the purpose of giving a certificate. Do gurus 
> give certificates to disciples after

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