[Advaita-l] e-vEdAnta course

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 7 10:46:41 CST 2003

Guru dakshina had always been a tricky issue. It is rarely if ever demanded, 
but in rare cases when it was demanded it was always for establishing 
dharma. Gurus used to ask kshatriyas to go defeat a bad king as guru 
dakshina. Or guru may ask a student to multiply his 10 cows to a hundred. It 
may also be another test of student. Not being able to face up to the guru 
dakshina time is also considered ignorance and hankering for results. On the 
other hand, being proud of having offered a big dakshina is another piece of 

Best regards

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