[Advaita-l] Why Yoga is not a Pramana ??

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> no other way. Jnana gained by shruti pramana alone leads to Moksha. Dhyana
> is a karma and therefore it is preliminary. Karma makes the sadhaka an
> adhikari and there its utility ends.

dhyAna in the context of advaita-vedAnta is not a karma. It is considered as

Hence, there is a scope within that for krama mukti.  It is addressed in BSB
under the shrutatvaachcha 1.1.11. (... tatra kaanicidbrahmaNa upaasanaani
abhyudayarthani kaanicit kramamuktyarthaani kaanicit karma
samR^iddhyarthaani tatra guNa visheshha upaadhi bhedena bhedaH ...)


*There is an element similar to dhyAna in nidhidhyAsana, however, it is not
considered as upAsana. Recently someone posted a reference which contrasts
dhyAna and nidhidhyAsana.

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