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Nagarjuna Siddhartha nagarjunasiddhartha at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 18 18:48:59 CDT 2003

>For your kind information, I did not use the term "sought after" on my own
>but I just reproduced Nagarjuna's wordings (please follow the mails
>correctly). Anyway, this is yet another example of different versions of
>This is primarly because, on June 11th you
>told me something as Brhamn is "always revealed as the Self" and now a
>different version from Nagarjuna. 

Srinivas, while brahman is always the eternal subject, the practical study of vedanta presupposes Nescience(avidya) which is the cause for the subject-object differentiation. And the next time you mis-quote me on this matter, I am not even going to take the trouble of responding to you.
Even if I accept that there are different versions of advaita, it is not going to prove anything about advaita. For, is it not the case that the same vedantic shrutis have been interpreted as advaita, v-advaita, dvaita etc? Going by your logic, vedanta itself should be inconsistent and problematic.
Take the hint. Your objections to advaita are pathetic, to say the least. Let there be an improvement in the quality of your posts rather than objecting just for the sake of doing so. 

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