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Kotekal, Srinivas [Non-Employee/0200] srinivas.kotekal at pharmacia.com
Wed Jun 18 16:20:18 CDT 2003

Dear Kartik,

>For *your* kind information, I *already* gave answers
>on 11 June 2003 to the questions below as replies to
>*your postings* on that date. PLEASE read the replies
>to *your postings* before you begin a crusade of
>asking irrational and nonsensical questions whose
>answers have ALREADY been given to *you*:

Agreed, on 11th, you mentioned your version (as you understood Advaita) of
Brahmn. Let me reproduce the sequence here ...

11th June, you wrote.

pAramArthika satya simply mean truth-as-is. That is
Brahman, which is partless, and is always revealed as
the Self.

13th June, Nagarjuna wrote .

My point is that according to vedanta, knowledge of brahman is alone to be
pursued. The reason for this can be explained only by advaitic mode of
thinking. It is because brahman alone is the underlying essence and the
knowledge of the essence is what that matters. If there are any other
essences, other than brahman one may doubt as to why they should not be
sought after. But since brahman is the only essence, brahman alone should be

13th June, I raised the question 

If brahmn is only essence, brahmn should be sought by whom ?  Brahmn ? but
He already aware of Himself !

13th June, you replied to my above question...

Yet another beautiful example of a dvaitin's
misunderstanding of advaita. In advaita, Brahma-vidyA
is never "sought after" in the primary sense, for it
is ever-realized. 

13th June, I replied to you saying my position .....

For your kind information, I did not use the term "sought after" on my own
but I just reproduced Nagarjuna's wordings (please follow the mails
correctly).  Anyway, this is yet another example of different versions of


Coming back to current posting ......

Please note in my above reply, I used the sentence "yet another example of
different version of Advaita" . This is primarly because, on June 11th you
told me something as Brhamn is "always revealed as the Self" and now a
different version from Nagarjuna. So, in this sense I used the word
**differnt version of Advaita** (as understood by different people).

Now, please do not accuse me saying I did not read your mail properly. I do
need to follow up on your 11th June mail. I will do it in my next mail.



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