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--- S Jayanarayanan <sjayana at yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Jay Nelamangala <jay at r-c-i.com> wrote:
> [..]
> > To expose the limitations, inconsistencies in the
> > advaitic model can hardly
> > be called maligning and throwing dirt on advaita.
> > 
> > I am glad that  Jaladhar Vyas, as a moderator  took
> > the trouble to speak
> > out.
> Jaldhar, 
> I understand what you said about permitting dvaitins
> to challenge advaitic concepts within the guidelines
> of the list. But note what Jay Nelamangala has said
> above: "...expose the limitations, inconsistencies in
> the advaitic model..."! He is *directly* implying that
> Shankara and his disciples were inconsistent! 

Advaita does not need anybody's defense. None of Jay's so called
expositions are not new to advaitins.  As Vidya rightly pointed out in
one of his mails, that most of the criticism of Advaita is based on lack
of understanding of the tenants of Advaita clearly. The mails are just
exposition of the limitations and inconsistencies not in advaitic model
but  in his understanding of Advaita. 

Now how are you going to set this straight? When one tries to teach Jay
and his friend Srinivas  what is the correct understanding of Advaita -
we get further sillier questions - To give an example how ridiculous
their questioning technique is - When I tried to explain - Advaita does
not imply there is aikya of jiiva with Brahman - since joining implies
dvaita  -since according to scriptural statement there is only one all
along - ekam evaa advitiiyam -Hence it is recognition of oneness and the
teaching obviously meant for aj~naani, the one who I sees two when there
is rally one.  J`naani will not question since he knows that what he
sees is not real but only apparent. How are you going to teach a
gentleman who questions that  according the above statement child also
does not question, therefore he should be a j~naani too? 

It is obvious that they neither understand Advaita nor have any interest
in learning Advaita. Unfortunately their mails do not help others either
to learn Advaita or prastaanatraya.  

Then what is the purpose of these posts? If they feel that they have
raised great objections on Advaita - they are kidding themselves. But
who has time to refute each and every one of their misundetanding? 

When Jay started flooding Advaitin list - with his incorrect
interpretations of Advaita and criticizing Advaita on that basis - it is
just noise than any meaningful discussions.  We advised him that that
list is not where he should be posting his mails.  Seeing here what has
happened in this list after he started flooding this list with his
confused understanding of Advaita, we the moderators of that list felt
that our decision was indeed correct.   It takes tremendous effort to
take each of his statement and go through correct analysis - First it
takes lot of time, but what good that do  since he is not there to learn
but only to expose his lack of understanding of Advaita - trying to find
asamanvaya when there is samanvaya. Obviously the moderators do not have
have that much time to take each of statement that has been

We (moderators of adviain list) also advised him that if he wants more
scholarly debate on Advaita, he can join this list. In a way we regret
that advise too as Gummaluru Murthy gaaru just pointed out. 

Jay started his mails with the statement that he wants to learn Advaita
- this he did in the Advaitin list too. But one could read in between
the lines and it became immediately obvious of us (moderators of
Advaitin list) that he was there not to learn but to teach us what is
wrong in Advaita and what is right in dvaita. That itself is not a
problem.  But his criticism of Advaita in based on incorrect
understanding.  We tried to set him straight but one cannot teach if the
student is there just to find fault with the theory. 

I stopped my responses recognizing that it is useless. I will post only
on the pramaaNa- paroksha and aparoksha j~naana - just to clarify my
understanding of advaitic position on the epistemological issue and to
clear out his misrepresentation of the advaitic position on
anirvachaniiyam aspect.  

Hari OM!

What you have is His gift to you and what you do with what you have is your gift to Him - Swami Chinmayananda.

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