[Advaita-l] Issues only please.

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Mon Jun 16 07:38:15 CDT 2003

My friends,

I think you guys are over reacting.  Please see the context in which
I said what I said.

> He thinks Advaita Vedanta is wrong.  But
> > after saying that he says, "I think it is wrong because x, y, z..."
> > the same methods and concepts we use.  Do you honestly fail to see the
> > difference between that and "maligned and thrown dirt over"?

> There is only  one  sAkshI, one Jiva, one ParamAtman, one pramA, etc
> for all humans.   dvaita and advaita  models of these may be different.
> To expose the limitations, inconsistencies in the advaitic model can
> be called maligning and throwing dirt on advaita.

This has direct reference to the advaitic model of pramA which was
compared to the dvatic model in a previous posting.   This has direct
reference to comparisons of sAkshI-A and sAkshi-D which has drawn
attention from some readers.

If you ignore this context,  of course,  you can always draw implications
such as:
"He is *directly* implying that Shankara and his disciples were

You are free to draw such implications,  but do not blame it one me.
Show me where I have mentioned Acharya Shankara in the article on
"dvaita and advaita on pramA"  before you make such statements.

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