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On Wed, 11 Jun 2003, Kotekal, Srinivas [Non-Employee/0200] wrote:

> My first question is; how did you (or anyone) can decide any Shruti
> statements (or prastana traya as a whole for that matter) is speaking from
> different level than the level in which they are getting perceived by us ?

You answered this one yourself.

> Unless it
> is explicitly mentioned in the very shAstra about existence of two levels of
> satyam (vyavaharika and pAramArthika),

The shastras contain statements mentioning duality and and non-duality.
Putting them all together it becomes clears that the ones mentioning
non-duality take precedence.

> Well, in that case, if you are instructed by your Guru to study shAstra to
> gain Brahmajnana in this very vyavahAric reality; why do you think by
> studying so you will gain pAramArthika jnana ? why can't it such jnana be
> also of vyavahAric in nature ?

All people are born under three debts.  The debt to the Rshis is fulfilled
by studying the shastras.  So at the beginning, it is purely vyavaharic.
But learning would be pretty pointless if it just told you what you
already know.  What it does is teach you new perspectives.  It slowly
changes you until you develop a desire for moksha. (mumukshatva) and
eventually even that desire burns itself out.

> Please do not misunderstand my question, but I am just curious why do you
> treat two acts (drinking poison vs. studying shAstra ) differently ?

Because one will kill you and the other won't!

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