[Advaita-l] Re: Advaita-l Digest, Vol 2, Issue 29

Kotekal, Srinivas [Non-Employee/0200] srinivas.kotekal at pharmacia.com
Wed Jun 11 12:05:07 CDT 2003

Dear Kartik,

>> Well, in that case, if you are instructed by your
>> Guru to study shAstra to
>> gain Brahmajnana in this very vyavahAric reality;
>> why do you think by
>> studying so you will gain pAramArthika jnana ? why
>> can't it such jnana be
>> also of vyavahAric in nature ? 

>The reason is that in advaita, the role of shAstra is
>not to present Brahman as an entity that is to be
>known, since Brahman is ever-revealed as the Self.
>Rather, the role of shAstra is to *remove* avidyaa or
>ignorance, and the Self shines of its own accord. 

OK.... but why do you think so revealed Brahmn (after removing avidya) is of
pAramArthika in nature ? what makes you think so ?  why can't so realized
**Brahmn** be also of vyavahAric reality ? 

Another thing is, if role of shAstra is only "to *remove* avidyaa or
ignorance" ; it does not address the question how that avidyA came in to
picture in the first place ? and that too **on** Brahmn ??

- Srinivas.

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