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Dear Jay Nelamangala,

>No vEdaantin says brick is the absolute essence.
>Let the brick be gross or subtle, let the well be
>gross or subtle, let me molecules be gross or subtle

>Vedanta asks you to enquire into the One cause of All,
>which made the gross the gross, and the subtle the subtle.

>You seem to be carried away by giving more
>importance to the subtler ones than the gross ones.
Just as by knowing gold one knows the essence of all ornaments made of gold, while the rest is just modification in terms of form or name. This is the vedantic teaching that I appreciate the most. The examples of bricks and all were pursued with the sole intention of pointing out this teaching. Since brahman is the ultimate esssence brahman alone is to be pursued, according to vedanta.

>VedAnta asks you to enquire into the entire creation
>which includes all these subtle and gross elements.

Even though I am an amateur to vedanta, I can tell you that this is evidently a massive mis-representation of vedanta. Vedanta is only bothered about brahman, the ultimate essence and not the gross content. Study of gross elements is an area of physical sciences and not vedanta. Thus in the very first brahmasutra, you find, - Now therefore the enquiry into brahman.(brahma-jignasa). You dont find - Now therefore the enquiry into creation and the created world.

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