[Advaita-l] Advaita-l Digest, Vol 2, Issue 29

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Thu Jun 12 21:36:39 CDT 2003

>Since you accept the absolute dependance of
>the world on brahman, you are accepting brahman as the
>ultimate essence of everything. Thus brahman alone is
>the ultimate reality. This is the advaitic teaching. 

>Thus the second brahmasutra is very much advaitic in
>its teaching.

Dvaita also says that Brahman is the Ultimate Reality.
If advaita had stopped at saying Brahman is the Ultimate
Reality,  then I would agree with you.

Second Sutra is describing Brahman as  Creator, Destructor, etc
and the first sootra is demanding that you make such an
Ultimate  Brahman as the object of your  enquiry.

But in advaita,  The Creator is not the  Ultimate Brahman
and the Ultimate Brahman is not the object of any enquiry.

Therefore second sootra is not advaitic in teaching.

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