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> namaste,
> My full name is Sattenapalli Siddhartha Nagarjuna. My primary interests
> are madhyamika buddhism and advaita vedanta. I am trying to make a
> comparative study of buddhism and the various schools of vedanta. In this
> list however, I would be confining myself to vedanta. I have some
> questions regarding the works of the teachers of advaita tradition and
> other traditions.
> 1. Are there any specific works of Shankara or his disciples which try to
>    refute the buddhistic (especially madhyamika) viewpoints? If there are,
>    can someone give me a list of such works?
> 2.Do Shankara and his disciples consider Chandrakirti alone as an ultimate
> authority while refuting madhyamika position? Or do they directly evaluate
> the teachings of Nagarjuna?
> 3.Do the other schools of vedanta try to refute the madhyamika school or
> do they confine themselves to refutation of advaita?
> Help would be appreciated.
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