[Advaita-l] An adhyAsa challenge

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Tue Jun 10 12:46:37 CDT 2003

Dear Jaladhar,

Thanks for your reply.

>But here we have an
>example of a system of thought which shares many of the same premises as
>ours but comes to startlingly different conclusions.  We who are confident
>in the intellectual and spiritual prowess of our Acharyas have nothing to
>fear from such ideas and potentially much to gain.

You are right !!.  That is exactly how I feel about my school too.

Certain difficulties in the position of Advaita made a reconsideration of
whole of Vedaanta thought necessary and as result there appeared
VishishTAdvaita.  But this system also was not without difficulties, and by
of removing them there appeared Dvaita.

The knowledge of  VishishTAdvaita and Dvaita is necessary to understand
the scope of Advaita.  The knowledge of Advaita and Dvaita is necessary
to appreciate the significance of VisihshTAdvaita,  and the knowledge of
advaita and VishishTAdvaita is necessary to recognise the importance of
Dvaita vEdAnta.

These email exchanges are a step towards that knowledge.

>So I personally have
>no problem with continuing the discussions on adhyasa etc

Alright,  I will go ahead with the series then.

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