[Advaita-l] An adhyAsa challenge

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at braincells.com
Mon Jun 9 12:34:15 CDT 2003

> If moderators ask me to quit,  I will respect their decision.
> Why don't you check with  Jaladhar vyAs first?

My attitude to this whole topic is that it is very important to know the
views of the Dvaitins on Vedanta (and their view of Advaitins views on
Vedanta.)  Comparison with somewhat similiar philosophies such as Mahayana
Buddhism or Kashmiri Shaivism don't tell us much beyond what we already
know.  Christianity or Islam are too different and comparisons with them
are likely to just ending up a shouting match.  But here we have an
example of a system of thought which shares many of the same premises as
ours but comes to startlingly different conclusions.  We who are confident
in the intellectual and spiritual prowess of our Acharyas have nothing to
fear from such ideas and potentially much to gain.  So I personally have
no problem with continuing the discussions on adhyasa etc.

However Jay said he was a little busy today, and Sadananda said he needs
some time to prepare an article so I suggest we take a short break to
really digest some of the thoughts that have been shared recently (I know
I have a lot of reading to do!) and then come back to it.  Many
interesting side-topics have developed which might be fruitful to explore.

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