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Mon Jun 9 12:48:36 CDT 2003

--- kuntimaddi sadananda <kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com> >
> Facts:
> > A. One of the stages is A person get to
> > deep-sleep.
> > B. Senses, brain are not working in deep sleep.
> > C. As soon as the person gets up, he exclaims
> > 'hey, I  thought I slept for such a long time, but

> > it is not even ...'.
> Yes upto that are observations. 
> > Derivations or inferences:
> > A. The person had some idea, correct or wrong, of
> > time  in deep sleep.
> No that is not a fact - The person when gets up gets
> the idea of how long he slept - If not he would not
> have to look at the watch to conclude that "Oh My 
> God I slept that long" - The time is measured in

Oh no, you are missing the point. The person feels a
mismatch between the time he thought he slept for and
'actual' (for the want of a better term) time. 

This mismatch can occur only if there is some idea of
time in deep sleep. If there is no such idea, the
reaction would be that of ignorance, as it appears in
your statement: "Oh My God I slept that long".

I am not sure if you are aware that this too is
another point of contention: whether soul experiences
anything at all. The mismatch is explained by advaita
as a reaction of antaHkaraNa, I am told (I haven't
checked any source on this). However, that would come
under your assumptions category. Surely, when I go to
deep-sleep, I don't see any antaHkaraNa playing around
using my consciousness. (That was meant as pun)

We also hold that the soul experiences sukha that it
recounts later.

> > Now, I am not sure what you could call as
> > explanation  here. AFAI see it, there is no 
> > explanation at all.
> > There is a naming ceremony, however. We refer to
> > 'Whatever goes to deep-sleep' as sAkshi.
> >
> No it is not naming - there is assumptions and
> conclusions,  based on the assmptions naming the 
> conclusion.  

While your rejection of the conclusion was itself on
wrong premise, I just want to point here that we have
named not the only the conclusion, but something else.

> I hope to cover all this. Let us postpone the
> discussiosn until that. 

As you like it.


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