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I did not read this post before I replied to your earlier post. 
Thanks for explaining the perception of space/time by saakshii. 

--- Nomadeva Sharma <nomadeva at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Since the Administrator[s] have not sent any
> restrictive mail, i am assuming it is ok to clarify
> dvaita concepts here.
> sAkshi is svarUpa-indriya. It is its own instrument to
> perceive; space and time.

Here is clearly an assumption is it not? what are those swaruupa
indriyaa-s that saakshsee has that are different from the five sense
organs and five organs of action.

Indriyas implies upaadhi-s - is it not - which is essentially shariiram.
Is this different from sthuula, suukshma and kaarana shariira-s that are

Now on what basis or pamaaNa this statement is made - that saakshee has
swaruupa indriyas?

If you say that is so - I have no problme with that.  

 A blind man also has notions
> of space. 

You are bringing additional observation - but is that a basis for the
assumption? - All it proves that sense of sight is not necessory for the
sense of time and space. 

A man in suShupti also has notions of time
> (though it might not match the jAgrat-avasthA time;
> OK, we know that you disagree here): 

In dream state yes but not in deep sleep state - there are no notions of
time and space either in deep sleep state - at least those are
observations - is it not? 

>thereby pointing
> out that sAkshi perceives these by itself. 

> Any doctrine alleging loyalty to 'svataH prAmANya' and
> 'sva-prakAsha' must accept that the essential
> consciousness is itself an instrument of knowledge
> (hence sAkshi-pratyaksha is also accepted)

Krishna - sva prakaasha implies that it does not need another prakaasha
to illumine itself.  light does not need another light to light up! If
you say time and space are swaprakaasha then I will agree with your

The beginning of your statement "Any doctrine....must accept..." is, I
think, clearly overboard. Just because you have accepted the explanation
does not mean everybody must - even if there can be better explanations
than that? 

Hari OM!

> Regards,
> Krishna

What you have is His gift to you and what you do with what you have is your gift to Him - Swami Chinmayananda.

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